Wednesday, 12 May 2010

UK Parliament officially ConDem(ned)

The 2010 General Election will be remembered for generations for a great deal of non-issues, none as great as the result. Nick Clegg, and his hapless Liberal Democrat buddies, have been successfull in negotiating the first Government that can be ConDemned before Parliament sits!

He promised a new Politics! He promised reform in voting! He publically opposed the values of the 'old Parties', as did he condemn Labour to the scrap-heap before the Electorate had spoken.

It was clear, from the offset, that Nick Clegg would not work with Gordon Brown or Labour; as it was clear that his father was prominantly involved with the Conservatives!

The new Government will be a ConDem coalition, however I now ask where Nick Clegg's true alliegences have been over the years. And now I propose this view, maybe its not a ConDem Government, and is in fact really a...


As exposed earlier this year, Nick Clegg was a member of the Cambridge University Conservative Association (CUCA) for at least a year, according to this Conservative Blog. And CUCA have re-invited Nick Clegg, to rejoin with a discounted Lifetime Membership.

Have the 7 Million Liberal Democrat voters been conned into voting against a Conservative government, whereas the intention was to reach a Coalition from the offset? That may never be known, however it is highly questionable how the Lib Dems and Tories could reach such a comprehensive arrangement so quickly after the Election, considering the difficulties that are involved!

Sunday, 9 May 2010

FTPT Error 404: Government not Found!

Saturday the 8th May 2010 was indeed an interesting day regards the negotiations for the new Westminster Government.

Nick Clegg was delighted to be interupted by a Protest for the very same Policy that lies at the Heart of Liberal Democrat Party, Proportional Representation. After about 30 minutes, Nick Clegg addressed the Protesters, saying:

"I take your petition in the spirit I am sure you meant to deliver it to me. In the spirit of change. Of real change in the Politics of this Country.

In return, I would ask you to do what you're doing so well here today in Smith Square. In every single street, in every single community in our Country. To continue your campaign; your campaign for a different better, new Politics!"

Within hours, the 20'000 Petition, hosted at the Take Back Parliament Campaign Website, ballooned to a staggering 35'000 signatures! And thousands signed up for further demonstrations on the 15th and 22nd May.

Also, twitter seen quickly a few related trends, most notably the #takeitback trend, which was in the top 10 UK trends for a considerable time.

This has evolved, and now a common tweet is:

"#FPTP error 404: Government not found. Reset your voting system to proportional representation & try again #takeitback #dontdoitnick #ge2010"

On a more serious note, a second, that topped the trends yesterday, was a call to sack Kay Burley, Reporter for SKY NEWS, after she berated one of the Protesters serverly!

In response to this report, Kay Burley was the target, justifiably, for a 'mini' protest:

Kay Burley's interview with the Protester was indeed out of order! And reflects the influence that Media Empires try to have on the Politics of the UK. Personally, I can't see this one going away any time soon, and possibly, as SKY NEWS have proven to be out of touch with their Audience, I wait to see if any backlash will affect the number of Subscribers to the Broadcaster.

Friday, 7 May 2010

Immoral High Ground

I'm still digesting the Results of the Election, and frankly its been quite a bitter pill to swallow.

Seeing gordon Brown still sitting in number 10 Downing Street is infuriating, as was having to watch David Cameron's share of the vote, and Seats, increase to within a whisker of the Conservatives returning to power.

Putting this aside for the timebeing, I ask why consistently over 15 Million Votes are not cast in the General Elections?

General Election 2010 seen a turnout of just 65%, representing less than two thirds of the Electorate. The 15 Million 'absent' voters, count for more 150% more than the Conservative vote, who effectively have only received 23% of the vote of those who are eligible!

Why do more than a third of the Electorate consistently not turn out? This question must be addressed, as these voters are not being represented in Parliament.

Today, we have seen the start of the inter-party barttering, in hope that the major parties, who are the representatives of our corrupt Electoral system. Cameron offers a 'review' of the current system, whereas Brown offers the AV Voting system, to replace our current First past the Post System, with Nick Clegg, and the Liberal Democrats, advocate introducing a Proportional Representation System.

However I believe this is not enough! Party Politics, in my view, is responsible for Political curruption, and must be reigned in to restore the confidence in our Political Structure. the current system provides the wining Party with the right to install the Prime Minister, which I believe should also be reviewed.

A Prime Minister is Constitutionally the Head of Government, and in my view, should be removed from influence of all Parties. Having a Party in Government, who influence the Head of Government, effectively is another avenue for abuse and corruption!

Maybe we should consider introducing a system for voters to elect the Prime Minister, in addition to voting for our representatives. The Prime Minister would have to be removed from all Party Association during a term of Government, and could even be voted from the opposition, and be guided by strict Laws to ensure impartiality regards all Parties. Afterall, the Prime Minister should represent the Government, and not an elite element in our society! And considering, this works with the Speaker of the House, so there is no reasoning as to why it should not also apply to the Prime Minister.

This would close further avenues for abuse and corruption, and potentially help restore faith in the electorial system, and hopefully encourage the 15 Million+ voters who 'abstain' every 4-5 years. Additionally, coupled with Proportional Representation, this could encourage future Governments to pick the best talents within the Government, opposed to appointing 'jobs for the boys'!

Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Independence NOW!

I've had enough of Westminster:

  • Expenses claims that compare with corrupt Bankers' Bonuses

  • Labour Candidate announcing results of postal Votes

  • Candidates berating the Public with biased views

  • Ed Balls being fined for beaking laws we follow

  • Relaxation of Postal Votes, opening our Election System to abuse

  • Residents from Commonwealth Nations being permitted to Vote on OUR future

  • Illegal Wars

  • Unelected Lords

  • Biased Electoral System that allows abuse
The list goes on and on...

Why do I mention this now?

I believe the sooner we seperate ourselves from this insanity the better! Scotland is a great Nation, with great patrons, that is being torn apart by an Unbalanced Kingdom that should no longer exist!

The fragmentation exists in plain sight, and is growing all the time, as the Political 'elite' from Whitehall tug the frayed ends of the fabric of Society, in attempt to hold the UK together. The more they tug, the more cracks appears, and the more damage that decends on Scotland!

There is only one cure for this outrage, and that is Divorce! It is time for Scotland's public to hold our heads up high, as we close the border and leave Westminster to stew in their shame!

Monday, 3 May 2010

More of the same?

When I see David Cameron, I think back to the dark ages of Maggie Thatchers rule, and cringe. To think that Cameron could soon be at the helm of the Unbalanced Kingdom is frankly a frightening proposition!

Scotland has already seen all that is needed regards the Conservative Policies in the 80s, where they changed the Economic demographics within the UK, to focus on tertiary Sectors, which in turn forced the closure of the 'bread and butter' industries across Scotland, Wales and the North of England.

As a teenager during the early Thatcher years, I could not understand the concerns that my parents had. Until, of course, I watched the protests against the introduction of Poll Tax, from our family home in Germany.
It was at that point, that my young mind, was introduced to the reality of the Policies that condemned Scotland's Economy by concentrating on Service Sector Jobs, with effectively hold no 'real-time' value, unless employment is sustained and demand is created.
The fact that Thatcher decided to 'modernise' the Economy across the UK as whole, whilst ignoring the needs of regions, is all too clear now. Now that the Economy needs the value that Goods provide the badly needed revenues to help sustain the recovery from the Labour induced recession.
Personally, I can see the difficulties involved, and the spiral that the UK, as a whole, could face as jobs are lost. Subsequently demand is reduced, which leads to more job losses in the Service Sector. Additionally, the Welfare demands will rise, putting more strain on the deficit, and adding to the National Debt.
New Policies by the Conservatives will feed the spiral in the short run, by cutting Public Sector jobs, and likely we will return to the days of high inflation, which will lead to high living costs. This will leave less money in our pockets, and demand will fall again for our Services, which again will lead to more job losses, more Welfare payments, more instability and much more uncertainty for the Scottish Public.
Watching Cameron on his Campaign Trail is a frightening though indeed! As he outlines new Policies to allow Private Schools to take over States Schools, this looks like backdoor Privatisation to me!
His constant rhetoric about being "all in it together" and "join the Government" is code for "The Conservatives will remove Public Services, and you the Public will have to go it alone in these areas and do it all yourself!" He is kidding no-one!

Gordon Brown, the UK's first unelected Prime Minister, fighting for his Political survival, using the same terms over and over "Its all about jobs, its all about the recovery."

Any question Mr Brown is asked always tends to leads to this answer, along with telling us, the electorate, what we want from the election! Gordon, have you not yet noticed what we want? We are telling you everyday, and it does not include you!

Incidently Mr Brown, you created the situation, and you seem to be working hard to get back in place to sort the situation yourself, whereas commonsense says incompetence should lead to change, unless you are hiding the true extent Gordon?

As for the recovery, it seems to me that Gordon Brown is gambling on the recovery as much as the Banks who caused the recession in the first place! He appears, to me, to be depending on the 'Core' deficit to make money for the Government, to spend their way out of the current situation.

At best, this has exposed clearly that the 'Iron Chancellor' has been gambling with the Economy for the past 13 years. And the issue of the 'National Debt' is a now a blessing of sorts, as if the deficit was not so out of control, the electorate would not have learned the mechanics involved!

Between the pair, its a choice of hardship for Scotland due to unequal Policies aimed at adding to the wealth of the richest people in London whilst taking from the poor; or the game of Craps being played with the Economy. Whichever, this will be adding to further erosion of Democracy and Civil Liberties!

Alex Salmond holds the keys to the way forward for Scotland, and I look forward to Mr Salmond and the SNP leading us to Independence, and prosperity!

Sunday, 2 May 2010

Fog of War

An image of 'relevance' is being portrayed by Westminster, and the BBC. An image that indicates Scotland has no other choice than voting Labour, Liberal Democrats or the Conservatives.

Over the past 4 weeks, I have seen the most appalling degradation of Democratic values, aimed in concentration at the Scottish electorate! It seems to me that the policy is to shroud Scottish voters in a 'Fog of War', to stop the historic rise of support in our National Champions, the SNP.

24/7 News coverage by the State Broadcaster, the BBC, appearing to support the apparently unabridged rise in support for the Liberal Democrats, coupled with Gordon Brown putting his foot in his mouth so often and so devastatingly that the Duke of York and George W Bush will be sighing in relief! And finally, David Cameron spinning traditional Conservative Policy so well, that the electorate will be considering him for Sainthood!

We are at an important stage of evolution within the Unbalanced Kingdom, where resentment for Labour and the Tories is such that change within the Political Structures within the Country are essential! But, David Cameron and Gordon Brown insist that a balanced representation of the electorate will be devastating.

Is this true? No.

Holyrood has successfully administered Scotland for more than a decade, with either coalition Governments, or a highly successful minority SNP Government. The only cracks that have appeared in the Scottish 'realm' are due to the badly constructed Economic Policies applied by the so called 'Iron Chancellor' Gordon Brown, and the fact Scotland's Economy is being administered without Fiscal Autonomy.

Additionally, Germany, the greatest economic power in Europe, has been administered by coalition Governments for successive Parliaments with little issue, and the result is plain to see.

We have seen 30 years now, of Tory and Labour Sleaze, and abuse of power. The one thing that annoys me no end, is the fact that a majority Government tends to use the 'Party Whip', whilst ignoring the view of their Constituents.

An example of this, was a few years ago when the City of Edinburgh Council, who at the time were a majority Labour, decided to close Schools across Edinburgh. A Public Consultation was initiated, and overwhelmingly my daughters' School received support to stay open. This School had high attainment and over 50% occupancy, opposed to the other School in the Consultation. The other School had 40% occupancy and extremely low attainment.

Commonsense would suggest that the School with the highest occupancy and attainment level would stay open, however the Labour Councillors had the 'Party Whip' cracked on them, and voted for the other, why? The cost of the land for the better School was twice the other, so the Council would return more money opposed to providing better education!

A previous Consultation for another 2 Schools seen 2 Labour Councillors vote against the Party, and the better School remained open. Resulting from this, the 2 Councillors were immediately suspended from voting in the Chambers, by the Labour Party!

A basic Democratic ethos, is the right to vote for a Representative, or Champion. The said elected Representative would argue the case for his/her voters. However, the current situation in Westminster gives scope for the abuses we have all seen, in addition to the one I have given above.

In the 2010 Election I will be voting for a Local Champion, in a seat that I firmly believe will be Represented by the SNP on the 7th May! Years ago I would have thought it unlikely the likes of my MP, Alistair Darling, would be unseated by the SNP. However today, I see growing resentment toward Labour on the streets of Westerhailes, and with the exclusion of the Conservatives due to Maggie Thatcher's legacy, it is time for the change only SNP can deliver.

As a final thought, Labour were unseated in South West Edinburgh in the 2007 Holyrood Elections. But our hapless Chancellor Alistair Darling has not shown face during this Election Campaign. Resigned to defeat? Or a continuation of the Labour complacency we have seen for the past decade? Whichever, I believe regardless of next Thursdays Polling Results, we will have a new Chancellor in the Unbalanced Kingdom!