Monday, 3 May 2010

More of the same?

When I see David Cameron, I think back to the dark ages of Maggie Thatchers rule, and cringe. To think that Cameron could soon be at the helm of the Unbalanced Kingdom is frankly a frightening proposition!

Scotland has already seen all that is needed regards the Conservative Policies in the 80s, where they changed the Economic demographics within the UK, to focus on tertiary Sectors, which in turn forced the closure of the 'bread and butter' industries across Scotland, Wales and the North of England.

As a teenager during the early Thatcher years, I could not understand the concerns that my parents had. Until, of course, I watched the protests against the introduction of Poll Tax, from our family home in Germany.
It was at that point, that my young mind, was introduced to the reality of the Policies that condemned Scotland's Economy by concentrating on Service Sector Jobs, with effectively hold no 'real-time' value, unless employment is sustained and demand is created.
The fact that Thatcher decided to 'modernise' the Economy across the UK as whole, whilst ignoring the needs of regions, is all too clear now. Now that the Economy needs the value that Goods provide the badly needed revenues to help sustain the recovery from the Labour induced recession.
Personally, I can see the difficulties involved, and the spiral that the UK, as a whole, could face as jobs are lost. Subsequently demand is reduced, which leads to more job losses in the Service Sector. Additionally, the Welfare demands will rise, putting more strain on the deficit, and adding to the National Debt.
New Policies by the Conservatives will feed the spiral in the short run, by cutting Public Sector jobs, and likely we will return to the days of high inflation, which will lead to high living costs. This will leave less money in our pockets, and demand will fall again for our Services, which again will lead to more job losses, more Welfare payments, more instability and much more uncertainty for the Scottish Public.
Watching Cameron on his Campaign Trail is a frightening though indeed! As he outlines new Policies to allow Private Schools to take over States Schools, this looks like backdoor Privatisation to me!
His constant rhetoric about being "all in it together" and "join the Government" is code for "The Conservatives will remove Public Services, and you the Public will have to go it alone in these areas and do it all yourself!" He is kidding no-one!

Gordon Brown, the UK's first unelected Prime Minister, fighting for his Political survival, using the same terms over and over "Its all about jobs, its all about the recovery."

Any question Mr Brown is asked always tends to leads to this answer, along with telling us, the electorate, what we want from the election! Gordon, have you not yet noticed what we want? We are telling you everyday, and it does not include you!

Incidently Mr Brown, you created the situation, and you seem to be working hard to get back in place to sort the situation yourself, whereas commonsense says incompetence should lead to change, unless you are hiding the true extent Gordon?

As for the recovery, it seems to me that Gordon Brown is gambling on the recovery as much as the Banks who caused the recession in the first place! He appears, to me, to be depending on the 'Core' deficit to make money for the Government, to spend their way out of the current situation.

At best, this has exposed clearly that the 'Iron Chancellor' has been gambling with the Economy for the past 13 years. And the issue of the 'National Debt' is a now a blessing of sorts, as if the deficit was not so out of control, the electorate would not have learned the mechanics involved!

Between the pair, its a choice of hardship for Scotland due to unequal Policies aimed at adding to the wealth of the richest people in London whilst taking from the poor; or the game of Craps being played with the Economy. Whichever, this will be adding to further erosion of Democracy and Civil Liberties!

Alex Salmond holds the keys to the way forward for Scotland, and I look forward to Mr Salmond and the SNP leading us to Independence, and prosperity!

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