Friday, 7 May 2010

Immoral High Ground

I'm still digesting the Results of the Election, and frankly its been quite a bitter pill to swallow.

Seeing gordon Brown still sitting in number 10 Downing Street is infuriating, as was having to watch David Cameron's share of the vote, and Seats, increase to within a whisker of the Conservatives returning to power.

Putting this aside for the timebeing, I ask why consistently over 15 Million Votes are not cast in the General Elections?

General Election 2010 seen a turnout of just 65%, representing less than two thirds of the Electorate. The 15 Million 'absent' voters, count for more 150% more than the Conservative vote, who effectively have only received 23% of the vote of those who are eligible!

Why do more than a third of the Electorate consistently not turn out? This question must be addressed, as these voters are not being represented in Parliament.

Today, we have seen the start of the inter-party barttering, in hope that the major parties, who are the representatives of our corrupt Electoral system. Cameron offers a 'review' of the current system, whereas Brown offers the AV Voting system, to replace our current First past the Post System, with Nick Clegg, and the Liberal Democrats, advocate introducing a Proportional Representation System.

However I believe this is not enough! Party Politics, in my view, is responsible for Political curruption, and must be reigned in to restore the confidence in our Political Structure. the current system provides the wining Party with the right to install the Prime Minister, which I believe should also be reviewed.

A Prime Minister is Constitutionally the Head of Government, and in my view, should be removed from influence of all Parties. Having a Party in Government, who influence the Head of Government, effectively is another avenue for abuse and corruption!

Maybe we should consider introducing a system for voters to elect the Prime Minister, in addition to voting for our representatives. The Prime Minister would have to be removed from all Party Association during a term of Government, and could even be voted from the opposition, and be guided by strict Laws to ensure impartiality regards all Parties. Afterall, the Prime Minister should represent the Government, and not an elite element in our society! And considering, this works with the Speaker of the House, so there is no reasoning as to why it should not also apply to the Prime Minister.

This would close further avenues for abuse and corruption, and potentially help restore faith in the electorial system, and hopefully encourage the 15 Million+ voters who 'abstain' every 4-5 years. Additionally, coupled with Proportional Representation, this could encourage future Governments to pick the best talents within the Government, opposed to appointing 'jobs for the boys'!

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