Sunday, 2 May 2010

Fog of War

An image of 'relevance' is being portrayed by Westminster, and the BBC. An image that indicates Scotland has no other choice than voting Labour, Liberal Democrats or the Conservatives.

Over the past 4 weeks, I have seen the most appalling degradation of Democratic values, aimed in concentration at the Scottish electorate! It seems to me that the policy is to shroud Scottish voters in a 'Fog of War', to stop the historic rise of support in our National Champions, the SNP.

24/7 News coverage by the State Broadcaster, the BBC, appearing to support the apparently unabridged rise in support for the Liberal Democrats, coupled with Gordon Brown putting his foot in his mouth so often and so devastatingly that the Duke of York and George W Bush will be sighing in relief! And finally, David Cameron spinning traditional Conservative Policy so well, that the electorate will be considering him for Sainthood!

We are at an important stage of evolution within the Unbalanced Kingdom, where resentment for Labour and the Tories is such that change within the Political Structures within the Country are essential! But, David Cameron and Gordon Brown insist that a balanced representation of the electorate will be devastating.

Is this true? No.

Holyrood has successfully administered Scotland for more than a decade, with either coalition Governments, or a highly successful minority SNP Government. The only cracks that have appeared in the Scottish 'realm' are due to the badly constructed Economic Policies applied by the so called 'Iron Chancellor' Gordon Brown, and the fact Scotland's Economy is being administered without Fiscal Autonomy.

Additionally, Germany, the greatest economic power in Europe, has been administered by coalition Governments for successive Parliaments with little issue, and the result is plain to see.

We have seen 30 years now, of Tory and Labour Sleaze, and abuse of power. The one thing that annoys me no end, is the fact that a majority Government tends to use the 'Party Whip', whilst ignoring the view of their Constituents.

An example of this, was a few years ago when the City of Edinburgh Council, who at the time were a majority Labour, decided to close Schools across Edinburgh. A Public Consultation was initiated, and overwhelmingly my daughters' School received support to stay open. This School had high attainment and over 50% occupancy, opposed to the other School in the Consultation. The other School had 40% occupancy and extremely low attainment.

Commonsense would suggest that the School with the highest occupancy and attainment level would stay open, however the Labour Councillors had the 'Party Whip' cracked on them, and voted for the other, why? The cost of the land for the better School was twice the other, so the Council would return more money opposed to providing better education!

A previous Consultation for another 2 Schools seen 2 Labour Councillors vote against the Party, and the better School remained open. Resulting from this, the 2 Councillors were immediately suspended from voting in the Chambers, by the Labour Party!

A basic Democratic ethos, is the right to vote for a Representative, or Champion. The said elected Representative would argue the case for his/her voters. However, the current situation in Westminster gives scope for the abuses we have all seen, in addition to the one I have given above.

In the 2010 Election I will be voting for a Local Champion, in a seat that I firmly believe will be Represented by the SNP on the 7th May! Years ago I would have thought it unlikely the likes of my MP, Alistair Darling, would be unseated by the SNP. However today, I see growing resentment toward Labour on the streets of Westerhailes, and with the exclusion of the Conservatives due to Maggie Thatcher's legacy, it is time for the change only SNP can deliver.

As a final thought, Labour were unseated in South West Edinburgh in the 2007 Holyrood Elections. But our hapless Chancellor Alistair Darling has not shown face during this Election Campaign. Resigned to defeat? Or a continuation of the Labour complacency we have seen for the past decade? Whichever, I believe regardless of next Thursdays Polling Results, we will have a new Chancellor in the Unbalanced Kingdom!

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