Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Independence NOW!

I've had enough of Westminster:

  • Expenses claims that compare with corrupt Bankers' Bonuses

  • Labour Candidate announcing results of postal Votes

  • Candidates berating the Public with biased views

  • Ed Balls being fined for beaking laws we follow

  • Relaxation of Postal Votes, opening our Election System to abuse

  • Residents from Commonwealth Nations being permitted to Vote on OUR future

  • Illegal Wars

  • Unelected Lords

  • Biased Electoral System that allows abuse
The list goes on and on...

Why do I mention this now?

I believe the sooner we seperate ourselves from this insanity the better! Scotland is a great Nation, with great patrons, that is being torn apart by an Unbalanced Kingdom that should no longer exist!

The fragmentation exists in plain sight, and is growing all the time, as the Political 'elite' from Whitehall tug the frayed ends of the fabric of Society, in attempt to hold the UK together. The more they tug, the more cracks appears, and the more damage that decends on Scotland!

There is only one cure for this outrage, and that is Divorce! It is time for Scotland's public to hold our heads up high, as we close the border and leave Westminster to stew in their shame!

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