Sunday, 9 May 2010

FTPT Error 404: Government not Found!

Saturday the 8th May 2010 was indeed an interesting day regards the negotiations for the new Westminster Government.

Nick Clegg was delighted to be interupted by a Protest for the very same Policy that lies at the Heart of Liberal Democrat Party, Proportional Representation. After about 30 minutes, Nick Clegg addressed the Protesters, saying:

"I take your petition in the spirit I am sure you meant to deliver it to me. In the spirit of change. Of real change in the Politics of this Country.

In return, I would ask you to do what you're doing so well here today in Smith Square. In every single street, in every single community in our Country. To continue your campaign; your campaign for a different better, new Politics!"

Within hours, the 20'000 Petition, hosted at the Take Back Parliament Campaign Website, ballooned to a staggering 35'000 signatures! And thousands signed up for further demonstrations on the 15th and 22nd May.

Also, twitter seen quickly a few related trends, most notably the #takeitback trend, which was in the top 10 UK trends for a considerable time.

This has evolved, and now a common tweet is:

"#FPTP error 404: Government not found. Reset your voting system to proportional representation & try again #takeitback #dontdoitnick #ge2010"

On a more serious note, a second, that topped the trends yesterday, was a call to sack Kay Burley, Reporter for SKY NEWS, after she berated one of the Protesters serverly!

In response to this report, Kay Burley was the target, justifiably, for a 'mini' protest:

Kay Burley's interview with the Protester was indeed out of order! And reflects the influence that Media Empires try to have on the Politics of the UK. Personally, I can't see this one going away any time soon, and possibly, as SKY NEWS have proven to be out of touch with their Audience, I wait to see if any backlash will affect the number of Subscribers to the Broadcaster.

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