Wednesday, 12 May 2010

UK Parliament officially ConDem(ned)

The 2010 General Election will be remembered for generations for a great deal of non-issues, none as great as the result. Nick Clegg, and his hapless Liberal Democrat buddies, have been successfull in negotiating the first Government that can be ConDemned before Parliament sits!

He promised a new Politics! He promised reform in voting! He publically opposed the values of the 'old Parties', as did he condemn Labour to the scrap-heap before the Electorate had spoken.

It was clear, from the offset, that Nick Clegg would not work with Gordon Brown or Labour; as it was clear that his father was prominantly involved with the Conservatives!

The new Government will be a ConDem coalition, however I now ask where Nick Clegg's true alliegences have been over the years. And now I propose this view, maybe its not a ConDem Government, and is in fact really a...


As exposed earlier this year, Nick Clegg was a member of the Cambridge University Conservative Association (CUCA) for at least a year, according to this Conservative Blog. And CUCA have re-invited Nick Clegg, to rejoin with a discounted Lifetime Membership.

Have the 7 Million Liberal Democrat voters been conned into voting against a Conservative government, whereas the intention was to reach a Coalition from the offset? That may never be known, however it is highly questionable how the Lib Dems and Tories could reach such a comprehensive arrangement so quickly after the Election, considering the difficulties that are involved!

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